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Design and Merchandising
Design and Merchandising
For each customer, it is our commitment to design and implement a consumer friendly facility that is market sensitive in offering appropriate product assortment and service.

We strive to maximize our customer’s return on investment by developing effective displays and communication systems which maximize product sales, and by ensuring that all assets of the project team are fully utilized. Our project plan will include a project schedule and budget guideline for the physical stage of the project.

Millwork Operations
We own and operate a 16,000 square foot shop in Penetanguishene, Ontario with a staff of experienced carpenters and cabinet makers. This facility produces various “How To”, specialty and institutional displays.

All displays are custom designed and installed for the space available, the dealer’s preference and the number of vendors included in the display.

Millwork Operations
Detail Service
Detail Service
We provide after-market maintenance to a wide variety of vendors and retailers.

Depending on the customer, this service may include a weekly store visit to maintain and control inventory, or a quarterly visit and report on general facility appearance and maintenance.
Project Steps
Our typical design/build project consists of the following steps:
Market Evaluation
* determine the local demographics
* analyze the competition
* determine current market position
* identify areas for growth within the existing market
Site Study
* review the location, status, and condition of the existing premises
* review existing processes and procedures
* identify problem areas
Store Plan Layout
* develop concise and functional store plan layout using state-of-the-art technology
* prepare 3-D drawings to allow management to visualize end result and suggest changes
* recommend signage to attract customers and convey the desired image
* work with owners, buyers, vendors to determine optimal product assortment
* recommend P.O.P and How-To displays to suit current marketplace
* strive to increase breadth of product and minimize depth
* offer independent advice, no association with any supplier in industry
* provide labour to construct the displays and remerchandise
Project Schedule and Budget
* prepare a project schedule
* provide cost projections for displays, signage, fixtures, inventory, and labour
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